666-6666 telephone number gets a lot of calls from babies

666-6666 telephone number gets a lot of calls from babies: "Mark Frauenfelder:
Bruce Stewart has a good story about the time he worked as a technician for a Jesuit university in San Francisco. When the university upgraded to a new phone system, the phone company gave them the 666 prefix, which upset some of he higher ups. It was too expensive to get a different prefix, so they accepted it. Bruce's boss gave himself 666-6666, and Bruce got 666-6667.

As you can likely imagine, there were many jokes and good times to be had with these numbers. And some weird lunatic prank calls, though not a lot. But what drove my boss crazy most of all about having that fateful number was the amazing number of ‘googoo gaagaa’ calls he received. You know, those calls you get when an infant has gotten a phone off the hook and has inadvertently dialed you up and is cooing and babbling into the phone? Well, maybe you don’t, but trust me, if you ever get a phone number with all of the same digits, you will. Apparently pounding repeatedly on the 6 button is a fairly easy thing for a baby to do.



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It reminds me that earlier today it was:

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