A nice new toy for your mac

The newest Digital TV tuner for mac form Elgato looks very nice.

I like the twin tuner, twin antenna flexibility that allows you to record 1 channel while watching another or to watch one channel using both tuner to increase the digital quality. That suits me perfectly as in my area the DTT signal is quite unstable (sometimes good, sometimes bad, depends on the channel, the weather,...). It is also very small, so you can travel with it packed with your laptop.

Elgato Systems
EyeTV Diversity is powered by award-winning EyeTV 2 digital TV recording software:

_ * Watch digital terrestrial television (DTT, or DVB-T) on a Mac deep indoors, in areas with weak reception, and at speeds up to 160 km/h.

  • Watch and record live TV simultaneously or watch two channels
  • Picture-in-Picture.
  • Rewind, fast-forward, and pause live TV.
  • Browse EyeTV menus in Full Screen mode.
  • Record hours of favorite TV shows directly on a Mac's hard drive and edit out unwanted content.
  • Find TV shows using the built-in Program Guide. Includes a free one-year subscription to tvtv valued at 20 euros and a free 30 day subscription to IceTV in Australia.
  • Store your collection on an external drive, or burn it to disc.
  • Export TV clips and entire episodes to an iPod.