IBM and Sun Launch Intranet Metaverses

This article reported by Slashdot demonstrates that William Gibson's Cyberspace is less and less sci-fi and more and more reality:

Big corporations creating their own virtual worlds is the first step.
Interconnecting them all through Second Life and Croquet is the next one.
Then the troubles begins when World Of Warcraft, Lineage and Everquest joins the party...

Imagine Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) against corporate servers launched by army of orcs controlled by the mob in Lineage or corporate secrets exchanged in the dodgy alleys of NeoCron.

If I remember correctly(8 years since I read it), French author Jean-Marc Ligny explores the gaming aspects of virtual worlds in his sci-fi book "Inner City".

_IBM and Sun Launch Intranet Metaverses: "wjamesau writes 'Sun and IBM have launched intranet metaverses designed for business and built to work behind their corporate firewalls, so their worldwide employees can use them to collaborate together. Most interesting to game developers, IBM (which also runs a private, no public access Second Life island as a development lab) created their intranet world from the 3D Torque engine from Garage Games. Will the metaverse actually be thousands of gated community metaverses?'_

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