London Transport Museum

I've come back from the open weekend organised by The London Transport Museum Depot in Acton.
Part of it consisted in a tour of all the posters, maps and the original artworks they were based upon since 1908.

These posters were used mainly as promotional material for London (and therefore the Underground), and it was quite fascinating: the diversity of artistic styles as well as the messages conveyed through them.

These posters can be browsed online on on a dedicated web site.

Among the original artworks, there was a special edition of Harry Beck's London map:
The topology is about the same as the original, but all the station names are replaced by personalities names and the lines name are replaced by careers(engineers, dignitaries, film actors, italian artists,...)
A cross between two lines represents someone who's known for being more than one thing, which make the whole process quite a challenge :-)

unfortunately I couldn't find this map on the online collection but It was quite funny to read and is nice followup to my previous post.

Here are some suggestions for other alternative London maps:

  • each station represents an airport and the lines are airline companies

  • each station represents a food and the lines are the group of nutriments supplied by the food

  • each station represents a london pub and the lines are types of beverage served ;-)

Any more ideas?