Michel Camilo and Tomatito

Among the many festivals happening in London this month, there is the London Jazz Festival.

I've skipped last year iteration, but attended the event 2 years ago where I've enjoyed the great saxophonist Jan Garbarek.

This year, I was there and on wednesday I've been to the Barbican to see 2 artists I've never heard about: Michel Camilo and Tomatito.

I had no expectation as I was clueless about what it was about.

And they started playing, and their first tune was a cover for Astor Piazzolla's famous "Libertango". It was a tremendous start. I love Piazzolla, so for me it was surprise, a very good surprise. This great start didn't fad and the concert was fantastic.

apparently both are masters in their own domain (Camilo as a latin jazz pianist, Tomatito as flamenco guitarist), the marriage of their style was delightful to my ears.