Microformats and Safari

Firefox users have been able to use microformats-enabled web sites (like the schedules on Upcoming or BBC Programmes) for a long time thanks to a couple of extensions (Operator and Tails Exports).

Now coming alongside the release of Safari 3.1, there's a new Safari plugin that allow the parsing of microformats for integration in various Mac OS X applications (Adress book, iCal).

For Mac OSX users, the integration with Address Book and iCal could make Safari a better microformat reader than Firefox. I cannot test the plugin myself as I don't have Leopard which is a requirement.

Alternatively the latest version of my feed reader NetNewsWire can also parse microformats but it requires you (obviously by the very definition of microformats) to render the web page in Netnewswire not just the summary.

Safari 3.1 is available for Tiger and Windows though.