MySpace Not So Social Anymore

Few weeks ago I was reading that MySpace was claiming more than 109 millions users.
My thoughts at that time was:

That's a lot of users. How many of them are

  • spammers, scammers and viral marketers

  • virtual accounts created by mySpace to sexify their market value

  • one off account created by individuals that wanted to see what is it about

  • created out of boredom and where holders main activity is silent browsing of strangers profile

  • duplicate accounts of forgetful legit users

And this morning I found that on Digg:


MySpace Not So Social Anymore: "MySpace is no longer a social site, corporate spam-peddlers have taken over. Fake celebrity profiles, corporations posing as 13 yr-old girls to sell products, and a growing flood of ads is too much even for undemanding, noobish MySpace users. If something isn't done, it's only a matter of time before MySpace goes the way of AOL."

(Via digg.)


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