Sofia, Sophia and Werewolves

This weekend, I've watched the film "Lost In Translation" for the second time.
I loved this film. It's very atmospheric and subtle.

It reminded me another great film Sofia Coppola directed before: "The Virgin Suicides"

With that in mind, I couldn't help but be intrigued by her last work "Marie Antoinette" which has coincidentally just been released (at least in France).

I'm not known for being a fan of "Period" drama,

but after having recently seen Barry Lyndon, and Doctor Who episode "The Girl In the Fireplace" I've gradually become interested in this genre again.

As a consequence of browsing Imdb on the above subjects, I've just discovered that Sophia Myles who plays Madame De Pompadour in "The Girl In The Fireplace" also stars in a recent period romance "Tristan & Isolde".

She's charming and acts well in Doctor Who and I've read that she did a brief but strong appearance in the film Underworld: this a film I wanted to see for the style and atmosphere - gothic, vampire, werewolves, but didn't because I was afraid to waste my money on an unoriginal, insubstantial action film. I've been wondering If I didn't miss a good film there.

While on the subject of werewolves, the trailer I've seen of Marie-Antoinette shows a costumed ball with accelerated motion.

I've seen such scene in the music video of the german industrial-rock band Rammstein, "Du riechst so gut" in which an aristocratic lady is being stalked by a werewolf.
I've read that music (leaning toward rock) is a "character" of the film Marie-Antoinette (as in all Sofia Coppola's films so far, for my greatest delight).

I need to find out when and where I can go and watch Marie-Antoinette in London

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