Tomorrow starts the new BBC 3 sci-fi series Torchwood.

It's a spin-off of Doctor Who centered around the character "Captain Jack" from the first new Doctor Who series.

If I understand the algorithm correctly the next Doctor Who spin-offs will be:

Dowchroot, Thoodcrow, Drootchow :-)

If they are going the way of Star-Trek, SG, I would like also to see more cross-over between series. That would be cool.

Even more cool, a cross-over between all BBC series:

  • Seeing a blue police box loudly appearing in the midst of Sherwood forest and a Doctor using its sonic screwdriver to help a slightly too young Robin Hood would be a delight

  • What treat it will be to watch captain Jack hunting aliens in Little Britain

  • Can you imagine the Daleks trashing the glomourous carpet of Hotel Babylon?

Ok, I'll stop here (can I just suggest the cybermen to pay a visit to that guy in Extras :-D)