Virgin eases in-flight Apple, Dell laptop battery limits

When I read last week that Virgin Atlantic was banning the use of all Apple and Dell laptops due the battery recall I was angry at them as itis be unfair to the customers with non-dangerous batteries (including those who like me have proceeded to the exchange).

I'm glad they modified their policies but they should have thought of that before communicating. To their defense, I would say the timing of these battery recall badly coincided with the terror alert period in UK airports. They must have been on "paranoid" mode.

That reminds the unfortunate accident where an IBM laptop exploded in an airport because of the battery. An airport is the last place bar one where you want your laptop to explode :-)

Maybe Hollywood will make a sequel to "Snakes on a plane" called "Batteries on a plane" :-)

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_Virgin eases in-flight Apple, Dell laptop battery limits: "

Only machines unaffected by vendors' recalls

Exclusive Virgin Atlantic has updated its restrictions for the use of Apple- and Dell-branded notebook computers on its flights. The good news: the ban on battery use is no longer total - the company is now restricting only those batteries whose serial numbers are covered by the vendors' product recalls.…


(Via The Register.)