The last 2 weekends I've tried a new way to discover London.
I've been here for 2 years now, and it's always a pleasure for me to strawl in its streets.
But this time I've decided to go for one of the theme-based walks proposed by the Original London Walks.
So 2 weeks ago, we did the "Unkwnown East End",
the walks, roughly from White Chapel to Spitafield market, was interesting and the guide's talks was mainly about history of migrants, and historical characters (mainly of the leftish side: Lenine, Staline, ...) who passed by in the area, and some allusions to Jack the ripper. The area itself is not extraordinary.

Last week, we did the 'Historic Greenwich', still an historic walk, but very 'royal' this time.
Greenwich is also a very beautiful place, with a great park, a university campus which was formerly a Sailors' hospital and pensions and before that a royal palace.

Let's not forget the Maritime Museum, the largest in the world, and the great view on Canary Wharf, the other business heart of London.

This weekend however, its REST, I need it!