World Metro Map by Mark Ovenden

World Metro Map by Mark Ovenden

Originally uploaded by Annie Mole

This is a map I've just found on Flickr even if it's quite old news (sorry).

It's the metro map of the world and that's so amazing. I do leave in a city with a dense metro system, and looking at this map make my brain start planning some exotic trips the same way I plan my high street shopping :-)

This map is a powerful mind stimulator, kudos to Mark Ovenden.

Londoners will obviously recognize that the network diagramme is based on the London underground tube map:
the topology is almost intact and you can easily identify the central line and the circle and the others where there are supposed to be :-)

It's also made twice nicer as: Transport For London guards jealously the copyrights on their data (making tube map/status based creations rare and dangerous) and this one is available with a Creative Commons licence!